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Which Gas Strut Do I Need????

MOST ASKED QUESTION IN THE GAS STRUT WORLD…and one you’ll not find an easy answer to unless of course you talk to us….We Specialise in the Gas Strut Solution!

Welcome to the World of Gas Strut Design…We love our Gas Struts and all the Amazing things they can do!

We know how frustrating it is when you just want to do something and you can’t find any information out there, or its confusing or the so called experts won’t share their knowledge…

So today we are going to walk you through our Super Easy 90 Degree Gas Strut lift.

We’ll step you through The General Rules and The Formula which will tell you exactly which Gas Strut, what Force/Newton Meters you will require to make the Gas Strut work and then we’ll help you choose your brackets.

And then just because we can, we’ll give you some fantastic Hints and Tips to Ensure your Design Works every time…

We hope you have as much fun as we do and afterwards we’d love to see your creations as well…we can add them to our Brag Wall and you can go into the draw to win some awesome prizes…

So lets get started and remember you can go back to any of the steps at anytime plus we are only an email or phone call away…

First Things First…

You’ll need to weigh and measure your lid your lid…

Step 1.

You’ll need to measure you lid, window, camper trailer or whatever you are lifting.

How to Measure Your Lid


Step 2.

Then you’ll need to weigh your lid, now dead weight would be great but we understand that this isn’t always achievable…so the easiest way is to grab some bathroom scales and a pole.

Place the pole on the bathroom scales and then pop it under the lid. This will give you a good indication of the weight.

Now remember the Gas Struts are going to be positioned closer to the hinge. Like a door the closer to the hinge you try and open it, the harder and heavier it will be.

How to Weigh Your Lid


It’s much easier to weigh the lid at the edge but this isn’t really a true weight of the lid.

Easy Solution: Simply double your weight so if its 5kg at the edge then doubling it will be 10kg.

Weight: _______


And The Biggest NO NO…and our Biggest Frustration when we want to help you…

Weighing and Measuring are Essential ‘it’s about’ or ‘I thinks its’ just don’t cut it…these 2 THINGS, WEIGHT & LENGTH are the only things between working and no working.

Next…The General Rules

The General Rules are use to work out the Length of the Gas Struts required and the Position of the Gas Strut on your lid.

So using the Length of your lid (which you measured early) we are now going to Use The General Rules.

Step 1.

The Extended Length of Gas Strut = 60% of the Length of the Lid

So say the lid is 1000mm you would need:  600mm long gas strut

  • Extended Length: 600mm

Step 2.

The Position of the Gas Strut on Lid = 20% of the Length of the Lid

So the Lid is 1000mm you would position your Gas Strut: 200mm

  • Position: 200mm on the lid

So…lets work through The General Rules together…

So for this Example the Length of the lid is: 1000mm

  1. The Extended Length of Gas Strut you would require would be: 600mm
  2. The Position of the Gas Strut on your lid would be: 200mm

By using these General Rules you will ensure that your Gas Strut does not foul in the application, in other words you’ll be able to close the lid without the gas strut being in the way.

Next…The Formula

The Formula is used to work out what Pressure, Force/Nm required to make your gas struts work…its simple enough and we are going to used the information we already have.

  1. Weight
  2. Length
  3. Position

So…lets work through The Formula together…Now is the time to give us a call…1300 807 101



Now you could try and make your own, rig something up but seriously our Brackets are made from good quality steel, weight rated and perfect for any design, we have both Steel and Stainless Steel Brackets .

We usually recommend a right angle bracket on the lid and a flat bracket within the box or frame.

This is our Perfect Bracket Combo…but we have lots more Brackets to choose from…


Now this is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG…there is so much to take into consideration and seriously anything Outside of a 90 Degree Vertical Lift I’d highly recommend you take advantage of our Design Service… YES It Costs $100 but here is what you’ll get and the Benefits

  1. You Can Just Pay for The Design & Buy Your Gas Struts Elsewhere….However Purchase Your Gas Struts from us and $50 will go towards your Gas Struts
  2. You’ll Get a Plan that shows you Exactly where to put your Gas Struts
  3. We’ll tell you which Gas Struts, Brackets and the Force you require
  4. It will save you hours of time and money trying to make it work…Gas Struts are tricky little buggers…we have had many a frustrated person call us after going somewhere else to buy!
  5. And Best Of All…Think of all the better things you could be doing rather than stuffing around trying to make those gas struts work perfectly!!

But BEST OF ALL you can call us, yep our 1300 807 101 and it is all over our Website!  I don’t know about you but too many on-line companies hide their contact details, ever tried call your telco…that’s a complete joke!  But seriously it impossible for you to talk to a human now days but that is not us…we love Gas Struts and we Love Working With You so work through the above but let us check your calculations and make some suggestions!

Now, if you don’t want to stuff around for another minutes just Click on the Link Below…and we’ll start working our Magic to make you look like a Gas Strut Specialist!


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