New Project Gas Strut Solution Service

Working out which gas strut you need, what force and where to position them can be tricky.

Trying to get gas strut to work can take hours, mean multiple sets of gas struts at different forces and often a lot of drilled holes and frustration!

If you are a builder or manufacturer, you just don't have the time to stuff around.

But what if we said that we can save you time, money and make you look like a strutting pro.

Then keep a scrolling down because we know you'll be cracking a tinnie when you see what we have for you.

Our New Project Solution will provide you with:

  • The Right Gas Struts
  • The Right Force
  • The Brackets
  • Detailed Mounting Instructions
  • One on one communications with our design team.

And best of all we guarantee our Solution Service 100%!

No more guesswork, no more wrong struts, no more hours and hours of playing around trying to get those gas struts to work.

We have your back, this is what we do best, let us help you look like a pro.

Ready for the next step?

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  2. Then fill in the form with your measurements and weight.

Our design team will contact you shortly.


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