Replace My Existing Strut

We customise every gas strut before it leaves our warehouse. No matter what strut you need we can source, manufacture or customise for you.

Replace My Car Strut

Ready made gas struts for your car’s boot, bonnet, tailgate.

Design Service, New Projects

Are you a manufacturer or in construction? Working out which strut you need is now made easy with our design service, taking the guess work out, saving you time and money and helping you deliver your projects on time.

How To Measure and Order

Whether you are replacing your existing struts on your camper trailer, horse float, car or wanting help working out which gas strut you need for a new project, you’ll find all the information you need.

Our Projects

As the leading Gas Strut solution specialist we source, manufacture, design and customise struts for any project. We have worked side by side with our clients helping them bring their vision to fruition and through this work we continue to learn and develop better ways.