Gas Strut Australia Sells Gas Struts Australia Wide with a 3 Year Warranty.


    1. Extended Length - measured from the centre of hole to the centre of hole.
    2. Diameter - measured across the rod and across the canister
    3. Force - this can be found on the canister look for a number with an N after it, it may look like 0150N.

If you get stuck measure your gas strut and take a photo of any numbers on your gas strut and send it to us.

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We take the frustration and confusion out of gas struts.

With over 10 years of experience, Gas Strut Australia has worked with many customers large and small helping them find a gas strut solution. We understands how confusing gas struts can be and that most people don't even know what a gas strut is until something falls on their head or you need to use gas struts in a new project.

Our team are experts, who can patiently walk you through how to measure and replace your existing gas strut or provide you with a complete gas strut solution for a new project such as a container conversion, awning window or anything that requires assistance to lift or lower.

Gas Struts are measured by the Extended Length, the Diameter and the Force required.

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Trudy Bates
All our gas struts come standard with plastic or metal ball cups. To change your end fittings you need to match the thread and the length.

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Gas struts on a shop front
Are you are manufacturer, retailer or in construction? We know that time is money and its why we created our Gas Strut Solution Service.

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