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These are our Frequently Asked Questions although since setting this page up they don’t get asked as often…I guess that is the point.  We also have a lot of general knowledge tucked away in our heads so if you are wanting to buy and still have a few questions you need answering please give us a call on 1300 807 101.


Q: Which Gas Strut do I need – Perfect for New Projects?

A: Gas Struts can tricky so make sure you measure and weigh your lid correctly.  Check out: Which Gas Strut Do I Need?


Q: Replace my car’s bonnet strut, boot strut or tailgate struts?

A: You will need the Make, Model, Year and Position of Your Gas Strut.  Click here to check out our range: Click Here for Car Gas Struts



Q: I can’t find my car’s make, model or year bonnet strut, boot strut or tailgate strut?


A: You will need to Measure the Extended Length, Diameter and find the Force / Pressure/Nm on the Canister of your Gas Strut: How to Measure My Car’s Gas Strut


Q: How do I Replace my Existing Gas Strut?

You will need to Measure the Extended Length, Diameter and find the Pressure / Nm / Force on your Gas Strut: How to Measure Your Existing Gas Strut


Q: The Nm / Force isn’t on my Gas Strut?

A: You will need to weigh your lid / door / window.  Grab a pole and bathroom scales and where the gas strut is normally positioned weigh, we’ll then call us on  1300 807 101 and we’ll convert into Nm for you.

Easy way to work out the Nm in your gas strut

Easy way to work out the Nm in your gas strut


Q: Which direction should I mount my Gas Strut?

A: Gas Strut should be mounted ROD END DOWN for proper lubrication.


Q: If I have a 20kg lid, do I just need 200Nm Gas Strut?

A: Gas Struts need to be sized to properly support and assist the weight of the lid, but this is based more on position than size. Consult Gas Strut Australia for installation recommendations for your particular application.


Q: Can Gas Strut be “regassed”?

A: Gas Struts can be regassed however if the struts are losing gas/pressure it is an indication that the main seal is damaged and can not be regassed so replacement is recommended.


Q: My new gas strut isn’t strong enough ?

A: You have a couple of options 1. move the gas strut further away from the hinge OR call our office to organise an Up-Gas.  The cost to you will be postage to and from the warehouse, we’ll do the up-gas for FREE.


Q: When it’s cold, why does my Gas Strut not lift properly?

A: Gas Struts are pressurised containers, and the force will vary with temperature, dropping in force as the temperature falls.


Q: What is the difference between a Seat Damper and a Gas Strut

A: Dampers provide no push or pull force; only controls the speed of movement through the stroke.   Gas Struts provide a push or pull force depending on configuration, but also contain a dampening circuit typically to control the speed of motion through one or both directions of travel.


Q: How do I know my car’s manufacture date?

A: Look under the bonnet there should be a plate that says when the car was manufactured.

Delivery & Returns

Q: How do I return my order?

A: Check out our Return Policy and then give the GSA Team on call on 1300 807 101 to organise.


Q: Can I exchange my order?

A: Unfortunately we don’t have the facilities to do an exchange. You will need to pay for a new order and return your existing order for a refund.


Q: When will I receive my order?

A: As a general rule you will received your order the next day in most major cities within Australia and 2-3 days in most regional towns.


Q: How long does the refund process take?

A: Once we have received your order back into the warehouse, we will check it fulfils our Return Standards.  Once approved the accounts department will issue a refund. Please allow 5-10 depending on the banking institution.



Q: Can I pay for my order over the phone?

A: Absolutely, just give us a call and we’ll process your payment for you.  Monday – Friday between 9am – 5pm.


Q: Can I do a bank deposit?

A: Yes you can and our bank details are on our invoice.  Make sure you send through your remittance to, it will make it faster!


Q: Do you have AfterPay?

A: Yes we do, so you can now get everything you want and pay for your order over 4 easy payments!


Q: Do you accept AMEX?

A: No we don’t…but we accept Mastercard and Visa, Cash and Direct Deposits.




Q: What is the Longest Stroke available?

A: The longest Stroke available is 555mm however we can custom make a Gas Strut to suit your requirements.  Just allow 4-6 weeks.


Q: My Gas Strut broke at the threads, Why?

Gas Struts need to be installed in line with no more than a 12% offset at the mounting points. If more than this it will side load the Gas Strut and damage the main seal or snap off the ball stud when the force is great enough.


Q: How do I know which Gas Strut I Need?

A: Gas Strut Australia offers a Design Service to ensure you get the right gas strut everytime.


Car Gas Struts

Info: Volvo 850 we have found that there is a slight variance on some of the models…they all have the hook but one model is 365mm Extended Length and the other is 465mm Extended Length.  They also come with hook end fittings on the shaft end, you’ll have to re-use these on your new struts…they aren’t the easiest part to source!

A: If in doubt measure your gas strut and then give us a call on 1300 807 101, we’ll make sure you get the right gas strut for your Volvo 850



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