Which Gas Strut do I need?

There is so much to know about Gas Struts and they can do some amazing things...they aren't just for your boot or bonnet.

Gas Struts can do amazing things.

From the humble car struts right through to being used in container conversions.

Gas struts are amazing and their uses are unlimited.

The main benefit of using a gas struts is the ability to lift and lower in a controlled motion, that improves safety and usability.

We work every day with manufacturers, construction companies, government departments, automotive and DIYer's helping them achieve the perfect gas strut solution.

Some cool gas strut ideas...

Gas struts on a garage door
Gas struts on a ute
Gas struts on a shop front

There are three main categories when it comes to gas struts

You'll need to know

  1. Make
  2. Model
  3. Year
  4. Position

You'll need to measure the following

  1. The Extended Length
  2. The Diameter
  3. The Force
Find the force - No number

Which Gas Struts do I need?

Perfect for new projects.

You'll need to measure your lid/door/window

  1. Is it a Vertical Lift (Window) or Horizontal Lift (Toolbox)
  2. The Length
  3. The Thickness of the Lid
  4. The Position of the Hinge
  5. The Weight
GS_Vertical & Horizontal_Lift_Overview

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