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Gas Strut Australia can manufacture any size Traction Gas Struts you require.  We manufacture Traction Gas Struts to YOUR requirements and because of this we do not hold stock.  The manufacturing turn around once drawings have been approved by you is around 3-6 week.  We are trying to find a quicker solution,  so its best to give our friendly team a call on 1300 807 101 and chat to them about what you are trying to achieve to ensure we can find the best solution for you.

How Traction Struts Work:  

Traction Struts work opposite to that of a compression (general use) gas strut/springs; they retract rather than extend. Mounting constraints often do not allow for the use of compression gas struts; i.e., doors and access panels hinged horizontally at the bottom and any type of cover or lid that must be pulled open or pulled shut. Traction Gas Struts also often function as tensioners on mechanical assemblies and belt drives.

Basically a Traction Gas Strut works opposite to a Compression Gas Strut. A gas strut has a Push device so it is always trying to open whereas the Traction Gas Strut has a Pull device so it is always trying to close.

How to tell if it is a Traction Gas Strut: 

A Traction Gas Strut/Spring is Compressed (closed) in the starting position whereas a Compression or General Use Gas Strut is Extended (open) in the starting position.


  • Cellar Doors
  • Hospital Beds
  • Hatches and Doors that are open more than closed
  • Dishwasher doors
  • Stairwells and ramps
  • Cabinets that require you to pull open and use open


  • Ideal for confined spaces
  • Pull rather than push so idea for hidden accesses where you are require to pull open
  • Custom made to suit your requirements
  • Can be made in Stainless Steel
  • 3 Year Warranty

Extended Length

Stroke Length


Force Range

Min 100mm-Max 700mm Min 25mm – Max 300mm 8/18 50-700NM
Min 150mm – Max 900mm Min 40mm – Max 400mm 10/22 100-1200NM
Min 250mm – Max 1500mm Min 50mm – Max 700mm 10/27 250 – 1500NM




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