Re-Gas Service

Knowing whether to re-gas your existing gas struts or replace them can be a conundrum.

All gas struts lose gas over time...the questions is whether to re-gas or buy new gas struts.

We  recommend new gas struts when any of the following presents in your gas struts.

  1. Seal is dry and cracked
  2. Oil is leaking
  3. They are corroded
  4. No resistance, the rod goes in & out easily

Gas Strut Australia does not offer warranty or a guarantee on re-gassing. Unfortunately we can't predict the lifespan of  re-gassed struts or even if it will work.

If re-gassing your struts is still of interest please contact us on 1300 807101.

You'll need to measure the following

  1. The Extended Length
  2. The Diameter
  3. The Force
Find the force - No number

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