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Which Gas Strut Do I Need?

Which Gas Strut Do I Need?

Welcome to the very first Blog Post of Gas Strut Australia 101..and I’m so excited to be fi­nally sharing this with.

There is so much to know about Gas Struts and they can do some amazing things..they aren’t just for your boot and bonnet.

Most people don’t even know what a Gas Strut is until one of the following sce­narios happens…

  • Your car boot won’t open
  • A lid or door keeps falling on your head and it hurts
  • Or you’ve seen a really cool thing involving a camper trailer, pool box lid or an awning window and you want one too

Still don’t know how they can make your life easier, why not try them in your

  • Awesome Funky Kitchen Windows
  • Death Defying Hospital Beds
  • Tractor Seats

And when you decide or need a Gas Strut it can be difficult to know where to begin…you search the internet but everything is technical, there is nothing really on the internet that just gets the basics out of the way…like what gas strut do I need? Or how do I replace my exist­ing Gas Strut?

It can be frustrating and confusing…I totally get that!!

So I guess what I’m saying is…I’m here to help you navigate the world of Gas Struts. But Helping People with Gas Struts is what I do day in day out…

I know my stuff and I’m really happy to share my years of experience with my customers.

If you know what you want, then call me straight away, (insert number or link) or, if you don’t then read on and I will help you.

So how do you know Which Gas Strut You Need…?

It all comes down to the Length and Weight of Your Door or Lid…

First up you have to Measure and Weigh…there is no easy solution and guesstimating will only bring tears, maybe yours, maybe mine and if not tears then definitely frustration when your Gas Struts don’t work…

So I’m going to step it out and makes this as easy as possible.

Special Note:  Gas Struts are customised to you and your specific need… they are not an off the shelf pur­chase

Okay…lets get started

How to Measure…

Measure the lid from the hinge out to where you lift it

How to Measure Your Lid

How to Weigh…

Grab a pole and a set of bathroom scales…simple but effective. Weigh the lid where you lift it as per below…

How to Weigh Your Lid

If all of this is making sense and you are ready to push on, keep going however give just call me at any stage if you would like me to help you through any of this. 1300807101

The General Rules…

We use this information to calculate the Length of Gas Strut you need and Where to Put the Gas Strut

For your information

  • Extended Length of the Gas Strut is the 60% of the length of the lid
  • Position is the 20% of the length of the lid

Once we have all of this you are well on your way to getting the right Gas Strut for the Job!

The Brackets…

Are used for holding your Gas Struts in place on your lid and box. Now I normally recommend

  • Right Angle Bracket for the Lid
  • Flat for the Box

And to make it easier we have the Perfect Bracket Set…please see links at the bottom of the article

The Home Run…

We are now up to working out the Force or Pressure you require for your Gas Strut…this can be confusing and I’d love to help you to make sure you get the right pressure…

Now is the time to call me on 1300 807 101!!   I am here to help.

If you found our Blog helpful and informative, please let us know.  Also, let us know what other information you would like shared in future blogs.

Keep Strutting…Trudy

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