Why the Gas Strut Diameter Matters

Choosing the right diameter strut is important for safety and ensuring the gas strut won't bend or break.

We generally recommend the diameter of the gas strut based on 3 important factors of a project:
  • Length
  • Width
  • Weight
When we do a design for any new project we take into consideration all of the above factors.
For instance if we were doing a window that was 1200 high and 1800 wide we would not recommend a 8/18 diameter gas strut as it would be more likely to bend due to the height and width of the window.

Our General Use Gas Struts come in the follow diameter

6/15 Diameter

  • Maximum length: 500mm - Maximum force: 400N

8/18 Diameter

  • Maximum length: 175mm - 750mm - Maximum force: 700N
  • Maximum length: 800mm  - Maximum pressure: 500Nm

10/22 Diameter

  • Between length: 195mm - 730mm - Maximum force: 1200N
  • Maximum length: 1200mm  - Maximum force: 1000Nm

14/28 Diameter

  • Maximum length: 195mm - 730mm - Maximum force: 2200N
  • Maximum length: 750mm - 940mm - Maximum force: 2000N
  • Maximum length: 1100mm - 1200mm - Maximum force: 1800N
Why diameter is important

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