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The Technical Stuff & Forms…

Here you’ll find all our Data Sheets, Forms and hopefully just about anything you need…

Data Sheets

I love Data Sheets, these little babies are the bee’s knees!!!  Everything you need to know about our Gas Struts, perfect for architects and builders because it has all the Quality Standards, Measurements and the Pressure requirements…all Quality Standards downloadable and printable YEH!

General Use Gas Strut Data Sheets

6/15 Diameter Gas Strut

8/18 Diameter Gas Strut

10/22 Diameter Gas Strut

14/8 Diameter Gas Strut


Stainless Steel Gas Strut Data Sheet

6/15 Diameter Stainless Steel

8/18 Diameter Stainless Steel

10/22 Diameter Stainless Steel

14/28 Diameter Stainless Steel


Brackets Data Sheet

Cabinet Brackets

Industrial Brackets

Design Forms

Yes you could work our which Gas Strut you need yourself but seriously when it comes to Commercial jobs, where safety is paramount and time is money just go the Design Option, it will be the best $100 you spend plus it will save you time and money stuffing around on site trying to get Gas Struts working just right!! 

So let us do the work…we’ll supply you with the plans showing you where to position your gas struts, we’ll tell you what Gas Struts and what Brackets so all you have to do is install!!

The Forms

Vertical Design – Looks like a Window

Horizontal Design – Looks like a Toy Box

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