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Stop!…Read this before buying your Car’s Gas Struts…it could save your life

Stop!…Read this before buying your Car’s Gas Struts…it could save your life

Stop!… Before you go buying any Car Gas Struts on-line or anywhere…let me share my knowledge from years in the Gas Strut Industry.

I guarantee this will save you Money, Time and perhaps a lot of Frustration…because MOST people don’t even know what a Gas Strut is, until something falls on their head, usually a boot lid…

With that in mind, I’m going to make this whole process easy and hopefully give you some really good tips…

How to Order – What You’ll Need to Know

First up you’ll need to know that Make, Model and Year o and Position of your Gas Strut…

Step 1.

The Make

Step 2.

The Model

Step 3.

The Year

Step 4.

The Position

Gas Strut Australia Gas Strut Australia - Car Gas Struts Gas Strut Australia Gas Strut Australia


Tip #1

Never assume you can buy another Make or Model and expect it will fit your car…it probably won’t!

Tip # 2

Always replace both Gas Struts, if one has failed the other has been working harder and may even be on its way out.  But more the point with two new ones you’ll have exactly the same pressure so it will be an even lift.


But what if you can’t find your Make and Model or even position of Gas
Strut for your Car…


I Can’t Find My Car’s Gas Struts Listed Anywhere

That’s okay if you are dealing with a professional Gas Strut company 9 times out of 10 times they can re-create your Car’s Gas Struts affordably and easily.

If you are dealing with a professional Gas Strut company 9 times out of 10 times they can re-create your Car’s Gas Struts affordably and easily.


What we will need to know so we can help you!

Step 1

Extended Length

Step 2

Diameter – rod

Step 3

Diameter – canister

Step 4

Force – Newtons Meters

Step 5

End Fittings -take a photo

Extended Length 2-1 2-2 3 4


Tip #3 – I’m Not Sure What End Fittings I Need

Most Car Gas Struts come with Ball Cup / Ball Socket end fittings, if you have something different then send a photo, that way you’ll be guaranteed to get the perfect Gas Strut for your car…


Tip #4 – Can’t I just give you My Gas Struts Serial Number to Re-Order

I wish that were the case but every one of us uses our own secret little code.  Just look for a number hidden within that code with a N after it like 150N…that’s the most important thing!


Tip #5 – There is no Force or number with a N after it…

That’s okay…you’ll just have to weight your boot or bonnet at the point where the gas struts are normally positioned, we can then convert this into Nm for you

Please see our previous blog on Which Gas Strut do I need or call us for further advice.

How to work out the Newton Meters

How Come Car Gas Struts Vary So Much in Price?

This is huge in our industry…and causes the most amount of confusion when buying…

But here is my professional and technical take on this particular topic, after being in the Gas Strut Industry for so long…


Super Expensive…

Oh these little baby’s sometimes get called Genuine…

These are usually sold by Car Dealers and put quiet simply a complete and utter rip off .

 The Middle Ground…

Shamelessly that’s us…I won’t deny it.

And here is why it’s a good place to be…

You’ll normally find the follow…

A WARRANTY -not just your boring 12 months, but a serious warranty that stands behind its product.

A RETURN POLICY – great if you accidentally ordered the wrong gas struts (Nb: Sometimes you do need to pay for shipping back the wrong product)

QUALITY – double sealed and machine manufactured.  Good for all kind of safety reasons.

A PHONE NUMBER – human contact, it still is the quickest way to have your questions answered – properly and we are always glad to help.

AN EMAIL ADDRESS – that gets read and replied to

The Cheap and Oh so Not Cheerful…

Cheap cheap cheap and and often nasty!

It’s not cheap if

  • It doesn’t work
  • You can’t return it or you have to return it to China (and pay for the postage)
  • It fails after only 3 months (or less)
  • There is no warranty
  • No one to contact – no phone number or emails that is manned
  • Or  you or your family gets hurt when that Cheap Gas Strut fails, dropping the boot onto on your wife or child! 45kgs dropping dead weight can do irreparable damage


So remember…when you need your next Car Gas Strut…buy on-line or give us a call.  You’ll love our service plus we guarantee to impress you with our products and knowledge! 

We’d love you to share our blog…

And Remember Keep Strutting on!

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