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Gas Strut Australia – Seat Damper

Don’t put up with that feeling like someone is trying to shake all your bones out of your body…Gas Strut Australia’s has a great range of seat dampers ensuring you won’t suffer from bumps and vibrations again…it will be all smooth riding from here on in…

How they work:

Dampers are damping elements that convert the kinetic energy of moving parts into thermal energy and thereby reduce hard shocks.
Dampers consist of a pressure tube, a piston rod with a special piston system and the damping medium oil.

Also known as a “two-tube” shock absorber, this device consists of two nested cylindrical tubes, an inner tube that is called the “working tube” or the “pressure tube”, and an outer tube called the “reserve tube”. At the bottom of the device on the inside is a compression valve or base valve. When the piston is forced up or down by bumps in the road, hydraulic fluid moves between different chambers via small holes or “orifices” in the piston and via the valve, converting the “shock” energy into heat which must then be dissipated.


  • Driver Seats – Trucks, tractors
  • Recliner Chairs
  • Furniture Designs


• Damping forces up to 800NM
• Damping forces can be adjusted to suit application
• Not Position dependent mounting, piston rod down or up
• 3 Year Warranty


Product Code Extended Length Stroke Compressed Length Force Range
GSA/SD-214-134 214mm 80mm 134mm 250-800Nm
GSA/SD-260-165 260mm 95mm 165mm 250-800Nm
GSA/SD-295-185 295mm 110mm 185mm 250-800Nm

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