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Gas Strut Australia’s chair dampers are suitable for damping shocks and vibrations.
Dampers are damping elements that convert the kinetic energy of moving parts into thermal energy and thereby reduce hard shocks. Dampers consist of a pressure tube, a piston rod with a special piston system and the damping medium oil.

Basically they stop your bum from getting sore!!


  • Driver Seats – Trucks, tractors
  • Recliner Chairs
  • Furniture Designs


  • Damping forces up to 800NM
  • Damping forces can be adjusted to suit application
  • Not Position dependent mounting, piston rod down or up
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Affordable solution

Chair Damper Gas Strut Range

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Product Code Extended Length Stroke Compressed Length Force Range (Newton)
GSA/SD-214-22 214 080 134 250-800
GSA/SD-260-22 260 095 165 250-800
GSA/SD-295-22 295 110 185 250-800


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