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Safety Gas Struts

Safety Gas Struts

Gas Strut Australia loves safety canisters for our gas struts and if there is one thing we do recommend to our clients its a safety canister.  These very cost effective solutions are invaluable and you only need one on a pair of gas struts.

When it comes to safety on the work site, in business, high wind areas, a safety canister could save lives or millions in compensations and lost hours and for around $20 its definitely well spent if you consider that it could save a company millions of dollars in lost revenue, legal costs or workers compensation claims through injury.

We recently supplied safety canisters for all heavy machinery on a council recycling depot after one of their employees had their fingers crushed when their gas struts failed.

When it comes to protecting your workers or loved ones a safety canister is a great investment


  • Mining Site Vehicles
  • Corporate Fleet Vehicles
  • Trade & Tool Trailers
  • Family or Elderly People’s vehicles
  • Toy Boxes
  • Pool Filter Boxes
  • Cellar Doors


  • Safety
  • For a small investment it’s peace of mind
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Can be fitted to most Gas Struts

Safety Canister Range

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Product Code Description Range
GSA/SK-142-18 Safety Kit 8/18 175-375
GSA/SK-242-18 Safety Kit 8/18 385 – 575
GSA/SK-356-18 Safety Kit 8/18 585 – 800
GSA/SK-152-22 Safety Kit 10/22 250 – 405
GSA/SK-252-22 Safety Kit 10/22 430 – 595
GSA/SK-352-22 Safety Kit 10/22 620 – 795
GSA/SK-467-22 Safety Kit 10/22 816 – 1035
GSA/SK-552-22 Safety Kit 10/22 1100 – 1200

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