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Rigid Locking Gas Struts

Rigid Locking Gas Struts

Gas Strut Australia’s Rigid Locking Gas Struts can be locked anywhere along the complete stroke.  By pushing the release pin, the piston valve opens allowing gas to flow through the piston and the piston rod extends or can be pushed in.  When the release pin is no longer being pushed, the valve closes and the piston rod is locked in the desired position. When locked, depending on the type of construction, extension force and the direction of the move¬ment, various locking forces can be achieved.

So next time you are sitting in the aeroplane and about to recline your seat, think of the rigid locking gas strut doing its job.  Press the button, push back to where you are comfortable, then release, the chair stays locked in this position.


  • Recliner chairs
  • Aeroplane seats
  • Hospital Beds
  • Dentist Chairs
  • Lecture tables
  • Hidden TV’s & Computer in furniture
  • Furniture
  • Machinery i.e. concrete cutters


Rigid Locking Gas Strut Range

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Product Code Extended Length Stroke Length Compressed length Diameter Thread Force
GSA/RL-220-27 220 050 152 10/27 M10x1.0 400-1200
GSA/RL 332 105 209 10/27 M10x1.0 250-1200
GSA/RL 407 130 259 10/27 M10x1.0 300-1200


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Product Code Description
GSA/F-RL-RH Locking Strut release head 8.0mm diamter M10x1.0
GSA/F-RL-C800 Locking Strut Cable 800mm long
GSA/F-RL-C1000 Locking Strut Cable 1000mm long

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