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unnamed So Your Gas Struts Aren’t Working like They Used to…Gone Droopy and Instead of Lifting Your Door Above Your Head Your Now Using Your Head to Hold up Your Door…Frustrating not to Mention Dangerous…

So Why Would You Re-Gas…??


When to Re-Gas…

Re-Gassing can save you money by not having to purchase new Gas Struts.  An ideal solution if your gas struts have lost a bit of pressure due to the weather or are no longer manufactured.

But The Real Reason is that You Have Added Weight…things like a bike rake, a heavier mattress or even a spoiler to your car which means that your Gas Struts may no longer work… Now That’s Why You Re-Gas…

How do I know if My Gas Struts Can be Re-Gassed?

Just follow our Quick and Easy Check List and you’ll soon know if your Gas Struts can have a second chance at life….


Yes / No

Are the seals where the shaft goes into the canister dry and cracked?

Yes / No  

Are your gas struts leaking oil?

Yes / No

Are your gas struts corroded?

Yes / No

Does the shaft go easily in and out of the canister…its will feel like there is no resistance at all…?

How Can I Get My Struts Re-Gassed?

Simple simple simple…just follow the steps below…

Step 1

Remove your Gas Struts from your car, bed or where ever they are…

Step 2

Download our Re-Gas Form and fill it in. Make sure you post this from with your Gas Struts

Step 3

Send your Gas Struts to our Workshop for a FREE Inspection & Quote

Step 4

Our Workshop Team will inspect your Gas Struts FREE and let you know if your gas strut can be re-gassed successfully and cost effectively. Then your Gas Struts will be tested, gassed the same day and shipped back.


Download our PDF label and Information Sheet here…


Our Warranty

If Your Gas Strut fails within a month of us Re-Gassing it, then we’ll discounted the cost of the Re-Gas from your New Gas Struts when purchased from Gas Strut Australia.

We will also recommend new Gas Struts if we believe your gas struts cannot be re-gassed successfully saving you time and money by not stuffing you around.

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