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Cabinet Gas Struts

Cabinet Gas Struts can be used in kitchen, caravans and campers but really you can use them anywhere inside.

What you’ll need to know to replace your Cabinet Gas Struts

1. The Extended Length
2. The Diameter
3. The Force
4. End Fittings – All our gas struts come with Ball Joint/Cup end fittings

Here’s how to Measure your gas strut

1. Measure the Extended Length
Measure from the middle of the end fitting hole to the middle of the end fitting whole when gas strut is fully extended

2. Measure the Diameter
Measure across the shaft and across the canister

3. Look for the Force
Look for a number with an N after it. It will look something like this 150N

Any questions just email us or call us

How We Measure Our Cabinet Gas Struts

Product ImageProduct NameExtended LengthStroke LengthCompressed LengthForce RangeEnd ThreadPrice 
195mm Extended Length, 6/15 Cabinet Gas Strut1956013550-400NM6 x 1.0$33.00
250mm Extended Length, 6/15 Cabinet Gas Strut2503516050-400NM6 x 1.0$33.00
280mm Extended Length, 6/15 Cabinet Gas Strut28010517550-400NM6 x 1.0$33.00




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