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YES…we do have canopy struts!!

But they change all the time, so we stopped listing them so you wouldn’t get the wrong struts…

Follow the Steps below and you’ll get the right struts everytime!

1. Measure the Extended Length

Measure from the middle of the ball cup hole to the middle of the ball cup hole when fully open

2. Measure the Diameter

Measure across the canister and across the shaft

3. Look for the Force or Nm

You’ll find this (hopefully) on the canister, it will be a number with an N after it…150N

4. Now your good to go…simple go to our General Gas Struts and choose 8/18 diameter. We have found most canopy struts are 8/18 in diameter.

If you get stuck either email us on or call 1300 807 101

Product ImageCode Make Model Year PositionSet Price (Pair) 
GSA/A-018CanopyFlexiglass R93 - 5/123TAILGATE$88.00
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