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Which Gas Strut do I need…Perfect for new projects

Gas Struts can be tricky little buggers…sometimes we can get them just perfect using the General Rules and Formula, especially when it is a simple 90 degree Vertical or Horizontal Lift.

However it starts getting tricky when we have to go outside of these parameters…so when it comes to commercial jobs we always recommend that you have a chat to us.

Step 1.

You’ll need to Weigh and Measure

And as much as you may want to guestimate, please don’t…it will all end in tears!

Step a. Measure the depth/length of your lid – from the hinge out to where you lift it (not the width)

Step b. Weight your lid – simplest way is to grab a pole and a set of bathroom scales and weight where you lift it.

Place the pole on the bathroom scales and then pop it under the lid. This will give you a good indication of the weight.

Now remember the Gas Struts are going to be positioned closer to the hinge. Like a door the closer to the hinge you try and open it, the harder and heavier it will be.

Next…The General Rules..used to work out the Extended Length of Gas Strut required and the Position of the Gas Strut on the lid.

60% is the Extended Length of the Gas Strut




It’s much easier to weigh the lid at the edge but this isn’t really a true weight of the lid.

Easy Solution: Simply double your weight so if its 5kg at the edge then doubling it will be 10kg.

Weight: _______


And The Biggest NO NO…and our Biggest Frustration when we want to help you…

Weighing and Measuring are Essential ‘it’s about’ or ‘I thinks its’ just don’t cut it…these 2 THINGS, WEIGHT & LENGTH are the only things between working and no working.
Next…The General Rules


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