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Help!…I Need to Replace My Existing Gas Struts

Help!…I Need to Replace My Existing Gas Struts

I’ll have you ordering your New Replacement Gas Struts in 5 simple steps…but where to start especially as most of us don’t even know what a gas strut was until it stops working.

For some this can be a painful experience, with something only being done about those sagging or failed gas struts while sitting in an emergency room, waiting to have stitches in their head after the door has finally dropped on their head for the up tenth time…

When I first discovered gas struts, I owned a cleaning company, I went down to the car to open the back door and I couldn’t even lift it…what???  I had no idea what was wrong,  I hadn’t even noticed those little black things on the side of the door, a lot of years later and a lot of gas struts later I’m a little more wiser…

And before you go Pfft I don’t need to measure because I have lots of numbers on the side of my gas strut……wrong! Those sneaky gas strut people put secret codes on their struts so only they know what they mean…

The only number you need and it will be there somewhere in all those numbers (cross fingers)  is the number with an N after it, this is your force.

Here’s what you need to know to order:

  1. Extended Length
  2. Diameter
  3. Force
  4. End Fittings – all our Gas Struts come with Ball Cup


Step 1.

Extended Length:

Measure from the middle of the end fitting to the middle of the end fitting where it attaches to the ball studs on your end fittings

Step 2.


Measured across the rod and canister


Step 3.


This is the only thing that makes your gas strut work, look for a number with a N after it, it could be hidden within the codes/numbers on your gas strut…

Step 4.

End Fittings:

Our 6/15 Diameter & 8/18 Diameter Gas Struts come with – Plastic Ball Cup End Fittings: 10mm Diameter Cup with M6x1.0 thread

Our 10/22 Diameter Gas Struts come with – Metal 13mm Diameter Ball Cups with M8x1.25 Thread (these can be changed out for 10mm diameter ball cups with M8x1.25 thread)

Our 14/28 Diameter Gas Struts come with – Metal 13mm Diameter Ball Cups with M10x1.5 thread

Step 5.

Can’t find your Force:

Here is a simple way to work out what pressure you require in your gas strut.

Simply weight your door where the gas struts are normally mounted – remember to remove your struts so you get the true weight – even if you think they aren’t working!



So there you go…now you are ready to Replace Your Existing Gas Struts…I’ve included some steps to make it easier for you

  1. Click on the Link below, it will take you straight to Gas Struts!!
  2. Next Choose the Diameter of your Gas Strut (across the rod and canister)
  3. Then the Extended Length
  4. Then type in the Force / Pressure
  5. And if you order before 12pm Monday to Friday we will have your order out the same day!!!



Keep Strutting on!

P: 1300 807 101





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