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Help – How do I Order My Car Struts


How To Order

We like to make it easy so here is what you need to know before you start!

  1. The Model of your Car?
  2. The Year your Car was Manufactured?
  3. Where is the Gas Strut on your Car – Boot, Bonnet or Canopy?

How To Re-Order Your Existing Gas Strut

Okay, so you want to replace your existing car gas struts but how do you re-order, what do you have to look for or measure, how do you know what gas strut is the right one for you.

Well the first steps are these below:

Step 1.  What is your Vehicle i.e. Land Rover, Toyota

Step 2.  What Model is it: (i.e. Discovery 3 Tsi)

Step 3.  What Year was it manufactured: (i.e. 2006)

Step 4.  Where is your strut: (i.e. tailgate or bonnet)

Step 5.  Do we have your vehicle’s struts?

Car Struts with arrows


then Fabulous Click Here To Buy Your Car Gas Struts


-then Click here on our 5 EASY STEPS then give us a call on 1300 807 101

And just in case also do this…

Is there any Writing on the side of the Gas Strut, take a note, it might help?
Measure the Extended Length of your Gas Strut.  So when the Gas Strut is fully open, measure from the middle of the end fittings to middle end fittings?
What type of End Fittings are on your Gas Struts

Gas Strut Australia has an extensive range of car struts/springs including a fabulous range of automotive brackets and end fittings to suit most make and models of cars. 

Its a good idea also to give us a call if you can’t find your vehicle because sometimes we haven’t updated our listings to include something that we have just created.

In saying we have an extensive range of car boot, bonnet or canopies gas struts and are continually building on our range, we don’t have every car strut know to man HOWEVER never fear we have a solution (we are after all the gas strut solution specialists) just follow our 5 Easy to Steps to Re-Ordering, it even has pictures to make it even easier (we love pictures) but again give us a call if you get confused so we can ensure you get just the right gas struts/springs for your car.

Handy Tip

There are lots of automotive gas struts out on the market, which ones are best?  Well some are cheap and nasty and some are amazingly expensive, especially if you buy them from your car’s dealership.  What is the difference, well cheap and nasty are not always made to both the Australian and International Standards or come with a 3 year warranty and the expensive gas struts well, I can’t tell you what the difference is between our ISO/TS 16949 Standard gas struts that come with 3 year warranty and the dealer’s, other than the price retailing around $150 plus, now for a little black canister that is a lot of over head!! So remember SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT when it comes to family, your income and your workers, make a smart decision,don’t skimp on your gas struts especially when most boot lids can weigh around 40-50kg but don’t be silly either, as long as it is to Australian and International Standards you know you have a quality product!


  • Boots / Tailgate Struts
  • Car Doors Struts
  • Canopy Struts
  • Bonnet / Hood Struts


  • Manufactured to ISO/TS 16949 standards
  • Come complete and specific to model and make of vehicle
  • Customised to suit you
  • Shaft 150 hours of salt nitride tested
  • Non corrosive guide block
  • Maze dampening system
  • Vulcanised sealing system
  • 3 Year Warranty


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