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Replacing Your Old Gas Strut

How to Make Sure you Get the Right Gas Strut

How to Measure Your Existing Gas Strut…

When ordering a Replacement Gas Strut there are 3 Main things we need to know

  1. The Extended Length
  2. The Diameter
  3. The Force

So let’s get started…

Step 1 – The Extended Length

You measure from the middle of the end fitting to the middle of the end fitting, when fully open.  This gives us the Extended Length of the Gas Strut or How Long it is…


 Step 2 – The Diameter

This is measured across the rod and across the canister…we have 4 main measurements 6/15, 8/18, 10/22 and 14/28 but what does that mean…well a 6/15 is a 6mm rod and a 15mm canister and the sizes relate directly to how much gas you can put into each gas strut…

measure-the-rod-gas-strut-australia measure-the-canister-gas-strut-australia

Step 3 – The Force

Now this can sometimes be the most frustrating because normally it’s on the Canister but some Companies don’t like you to know their secrets so they don’t tell you but it’s the most important thing you need, and the only thing that makes your gas strut work…

So…look for a number on the canister, the number will have an N or a Nm after it and could be within a code, this stands for Newton Meters or Pressure.  If you can’t find it…Click on Our I CAN’T FIND MY FORCE…we’ll give you some handy tips so you can work out the force of your Gas Strut.


Step 4 – The End Fittings

All our Gas Struts come standard with Ball Cup End fittings but if you have something different…then Click On Our Which End Fitting Do I Need and we’ll step you through How to Measure and Order the end fitting you need or just send up a photo and we’ll happily help you out.


So that’s its…nice and easy…and remember we are only a phone call away…the beauty of dealing with an Australian Company

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