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I have the set up for Gas Struts but No Gas Struts…

So you have the set up for Gas Struts but no Gas Struts…

Then follow these easy steps…and rememeber if  you get stuck give us a call on 1300 807 101

Step 1.

Open your door to where you want it to open to.  This is usually 90 degrees however when it comes to hard ute tray lid these can be more like 45 degrees.

Step 2.

Measure between the points, this is normally the ball stud that the Gas Strut fits onto (when you have one!)

We call this The Extended Length


Step 3.

Measure between the points (ball studs, gas strut position if you had any) when the lid is closed

You want to make sure that the Gas Strut can close or compress and not leave your lid sitting up and open.

We call this The Compressed Length


Step 4.

Weigh your lid at the Gas Strut fitting position on the lid

How to work out the Newton Meters

Grab a pole and a set of bathroom scales…pretty technical I know!

This will help us work out the amount of pressure you’ll need in your Gas Strut to make it work…we’ll convert the Kg into Nm

Step 5.

Check your ball studs or fittings.  You want to make sure that the Ball Cups on your new Gas Struts are going to fit onto your existing brackets/ball studs.

Measure across the diameter of the ball stud.



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