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How to Measure Your Stainless Steel Gas Struts

How to Measure Your Stainless Steel Gas Struts

Stainless Steel Gas Struts are used in many applications boats, pool boxes, food industry and sometimes they are used just because they look pretty…

These struts are extremely durable against some pretty caustic environments but they also come at a price so we want to make sure you get the right Gas Strut every single time.

So…if you are Replacing your Existing Stainless Steel Gas Strut…then follow the simple steps below…

However if you are wanting to put Stainless Steel Gas Struts into a new project…then don’t stuff around, go straight to our Design Service…download the forms

Vertical – like a Window

Horizontal – like a Toy Box

The Quick & Easy Step by Step…How to Measure Your Gas Strut

Step 1 – Extended Length

Measure the gas strut from middle of end fitting to the middle of the end fitting when gas strut is fully extended

Step 2 – Diameter

1. Measure across the rod/shaft.
2. Measure across the canister (not around, across)
We have 4 sizes in gas struts – 6/15, 8/18, 10/22, 14/28 meaning an 8/18 has an 8mm shaft and 18mm canister

Step 3 – Newton Metres or Force

There a few ways to work out the Newton Meters (Nm)
1. Look – there may be a number followed by NM or N or the gas strut.
2. Weigh – Grab a pole and the bathroom scales, prop up boot/bonnet with pole in line with gas struts, remove struts & then place end of the pole onto the scales. This will tell you in Kg how heavy the door. Basic conversion is 1kg = 10NM so 10kg = 100NM
3. Provide us with all the numbers on the gas strut via a photo, email or over the phone, there might be something there that we can work out the Nm

Step 4 – End Fittings

Gas Strut Australia’s gas struts come complete with ball cup fittings.  However, if you aren’t sure please take a photo and email us on or check out our data sheet for End Fittings to match your specific requirements.

Step 5 – Order your Gas Strut

Go to Our On-Line Shop Stainless Steel to Order Your Gas Struts Today or Simply Call us on 1300 807 101 and we’ll get your Gas Strut Solution on the road to you.

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