Can't Find the Force on Your Existing Strut

If you can't find the pressure on your gas strut, here are two tips that will help you out.

We customise every gas struts before it leaves our warehouse ensuring your gas strut is specific your your application.

Tip #1 Weigh Your Lid Where Your Gas Struts are Positioned

Weigh your lid where the gas struts are positioned.

Step 1. Remove your gas strut

Step 2. Place a pole where your struts are normally positioned on the lids and then down onto a set of bathroom scales

Step 3. Call us! We'll convert those Kg's into Nm

TIp #2 Weigh the Existing Pressure in your Gas Strut

Best for gas struts that are just starting to fail and are still doing most of the job.

Step 1. Remove your strut

Step 2. Push your strut down on a set of scales until you feel the pressure (approx. 50%)

Step 3. Call Us! We'll convert those kg's into Nm.

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