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Which Gas Strut – Easy Step by Step Help

Gas Struts can be tricky little buggers…sometimes you can get them just perfect using just The General Rules and The Formula, but anything out of a simple 90 Degree Vertical or Horizontal Lift can make you wish you’d never come across an idea using a Gas Strut…and that is speaking from experience!

So lets start with the basis…what is a Horizontal or Vertical Lift

However it starts getting tricky when we have to go outside of these parameters…so when it comes to commercial jobs we always recommend the Design Option

But when it comes down to it, its your choice and we’ll try and help you as much as possible within reason of course…

First things First…before you start doing anything, you need to weigh and measure your lid or whatever you are trying to lift using gas struts.

  1. Weigh
    1. We measure from the hinge out to where you lift it
  2. Measure



1 DIY (Do It Yourself). First things first you’ll need to Weigh and Measure Length: from the hinge out to where you lift it.
Weight: weigh at the end where you lift it. Next…The General Rules…used to work out the Extended Length of Gas Strut Required and the Position of the Gas Strut on the Lid.

  • 60% is the Extended Length of the Gas Strut
  • 20% is the Position of the Gas Strut on the Lid

Next…The Formula…used to work out what Pressure is required to make the Gas Strut work.

  • Kg x half lid length / position + 15% fiddle factor / # of struts = Nm

Next…Brackets…used to hold the gas struts on…we generally suggest a Right Angle Bracket for the Lid and a Flat for the Internal

2 Design

The General Workings:

Length: 1000mm
Weight: 36kg but doubled 72kg is closer to dead weight 

The Formula:

Nm = 720Nm
Lid divided by 2 = 500mm
Position = 200mm

720Nm x 500mm / 200mm + 15% / 2 = 1035Nm

The Brackets:

Have a look at the Data Sheets and look for the 13mm Ball Studs…you can see what works best.

Let us do it for you, here at Gas Strut Australia we do all the boring stuff and for just $100 we Guarantee our Design Service will Work First Time, Every Time Or your Money Back! What you’ll get is the right length gas struts, the right pressure, the right brackets AND You’ll get the Install Here Plan! So now all you have to do is look like an expert in your tool belt calm in the knowledge that it will all work and freeing up your time to do more things with your time.

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